Phrases on Love…

Phrases on Love, Music and Travel to get you through your day..

Simultaneously, this music is very indicative of who you are as an individual, and appreciating and indulging your tastes is part of being authentic.

Music can validate our feelings, sit through them with us, and help us feel the things we want to, and should feel, and help us heal.

The possibility of reinventing and innovating add infinitum, finding new happiness each time.

Travel is the best and fastest way to learn more about yourself.

Great stories are shared with us to encourage us to tell our own.

Keep searching for amazing people in this world because there are so many out there.

Love radically.

Love is the translation of chaos into beauty, and we try to find others who write it in our language.

You only have one heart and life to give, so give them to save them; give them where they’ll become what they’re suppose to be. And don’t waste your time giving up.

I want to believe love lasts through countless lifetimes, and it’s our job to find each other every new beginning.

Learning a little bit more every day about what real love is. And half the battle is saying no to impostors so the real thing can win.

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