The Strings of Words Unsaid

We met at the time we didn’t expect

No one told me that in my journey I’d find you

I thought we were like other strangers whose roads were once entwined

Meet up and then part…where letting go was easy

We shared those joyful and wonderful days

Giggling and laughing at little things

Nonsense it may seems to others

But to us it shows how shallow we can be

Tears were shed…it seems so difficult I thought it won’t end,

I was so tired… But with you by my side it felt so light

Comfort is what you offered and there I was to accept it

Those are the days I’ll surely miss

Still hoping that when we cross each others road

We would stop and remember the times we spent together

Happy or sad it may be…I’ll still be thanking you.

Because, You keep saying you don’t feel important enough….


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