Beauty at its best..


The little human being in her arms was beautiful. Her face, just like that of an angel and her tiny body felt so delicate and soft against the palms of her hands. Suddenly, the 7 hours of labour didn’t seem so tiring. Gauri! Yes, that is what she was going to name her bundle of joy. She felt a rush of emotions from extreme joy to happiness to sudden fear about her unknown future to her protective instincts as a mother. She wanted to protect her from all that could hurt her and wanted her to blossom into a beautiful woman who would be respected and loved.

As she watched her new born, she made elaborate plans for her future. She wondered why someone would think she could be a burden. She wondered how a beautiful thing like the one in her arms feels any different than a baby boy. She thought of the times when she was a little girl, and her mother would warn her to be careful every time she went out. She wondered if her baby girl would understand the meaning of being careful. She thought of the cruelties that the harsh reality held for girls, in general. She wished that her life wouldn’t be a struggle for survival and dignity. She vowed to protect her daughter if someone as much as raised a finger at her. Her friends will be scrutinised thoroughly. Her boyfriends would definitely have a tough time! She decided her daughter would never be a victim of the batter system in our society, better known as the dowry. She would select the most suitable and the most handsome suitor for her only when the time was right. Her daughter would be free-spirited, strong-willed and have her own identity. She was going to be her daughter’s best friend and confidante. She knew there would be times when they wouldn’t get along but she would still not budge from her decisions because she already knew what was best for her.

She wanted her daughter to grow up in a society where women are looked upon and treated as humans and not just worshiped in temples where they are elated to the status of a Goddess. She wished that when a woman broke down, it isn’t seen as a sign of weakness or that they aren’t glorified as objects of sexual pleasure. She wished for her to grow up in a place where every woman is celebrated for her beauty, imperfection and for the various colours of emotion that only a woman can display. 


Being young and in love..

They loved each other. He knew. She didn’t know it, yet. As they kissed for the last time, she felt a strange kind of sadness and he didn’t know what would be the right thing to say. He locked his arms around her, trying to comfort her and they stood that way for a while. They finally decided to head home. She hurried ahead of him, afraid someone might spot them together. He probably sensed her fear and said, “Its Friday, the 13th, you know!” and then looked down and mumbled “What if, something bad happens..”. She turned her head to him and without thinking for a moment replied, “God loves me too much! This is the last time I am meeting you. He can’t be so cruel to me.”. Not a believer of the higher power but he looked at her with a reassuring smile. As they parted at the junction of the two diverging paths, he pulled her in, one last time. He said “Good luck!”. She tried her best to give him the smile that use to lighten up his day once upon a time and said “Thank you!”. They began to walk away from each other and she turned around to look back at him once more, she always did. As she watched him disappear round the corner, she walked home trying to analyse her feelings. She still didn’t understand it because she never thought it would end. What went wrong, you ask? He didn’t have the strength to fight for her. She couldn’t love him fearlessly.

Years later, when she thinks about it, she knows. But its too late. She wanted to stop him that day. She wanted to be with him that day She wanted to stay with him for the rest of her days. She wanted to hold onto that moment a little longer. She wishes she had told him then. Someday, maybe they will figure it out! Maybe, then they would have learnt their flaws and together could be each others’ strength to be happy and complete.