Funny thing..

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Some live in the moment and just leave the rest. Some think and plan and think again to make a secure future. Some just don’t care and aren’t bothered by the worries of tomorrow. Some love. Some hate. Some work. Some travel. Everybody does either what the society asks of them and becomes a part of the elite while some do as they wish and are labelled as ‘Vagabonds’ till they have succeed and proved everyone else wrong. People judge and see what they want to. 

Creativity is a blessing to bring colours in an otherwise dull life. Moments are the only times we are truly alive. Every breath that we take is another second of life that we have gained and lost. Beauty is nature’s way of appreciating the lovely things around us. Love is the feeling we all want to have experienced once in our lives. Happiness is watching a small child laugh and enjoy the little things around him. Sadness is losing someone and knowing that you will never be the same again.

When life is just a big bundle of all these emotions that make you skip a heartbeat and take your breath away then why worry about what people think and what they expect of you..??

Life is a funny thing..