Beauty at its best..


The little human being in her arms was beautiful. Her face, just like that of an angel and her tiny body felt so delicate and soft against the palms of her hands. Suddenly, the 7 hours of labour didn’t seem so tiring. Gauri! Yes, that is what she was going to name her bundle of joy. She felt a rush of emotions from extreme joy to happiness to sudden fear about her unknown future to her protective instincts as a mother. She wanted to protect her from all that could hurt her and wanted her to blossom into a beautiful woman who would be respected and loved.

As she watched her new born, she made elaborate plans for her future. She wondered why someone would think she could be a burden. She wondered how a beautiful thing like the one in her arms feels any different than a baby boy. She thought of the times when she was a little girl, and her mother would warn her to be careful every time she went out. She wondered if her baby girl would understand the meaning of being careful. She thought of the cruelties that the harsh reality held for girls, in general. She wished that her life wouldn’t be a struggle for survival and dignity. She vowed to protect her daughter if someone as much as raised a finger at her. Her friends will be scrutinised thoroughly. Her boyfriends would definitely have a tough time! She decided her daughter would never be a victim of the batter system in our society, better known as the dowry. She would select the most suitable and the most handsome suitor for her only when the time was right. Her daughter would be free-spirited, strong-willed and have her own identity. She was going to be her daughter’s best friend and confidante. She knew there would be times when they wouldn’t get along but she would still not budge from her decisions because she already knew what was best for her.

She wanted her daughter to grow up in a society where women are looked upon and treated as humans and not just worshiped in temples where they are elated to the status of a Goddess. She wished that when a woman broke down, it isn’t seen as a sign of weakness or that they aren’t glorified as objects of sexual pleasure. She wished for her to grow up in a place where every woman is celebrated for her beauty, imperfection and for the various colours of emotion that only a woman can display. 


Being young and in love..

They loved each other. He knew. She didn’t know it, yet. As they kissed for the last time, she felt a strange kind of sadness and he didn’t know what would be the right thing to say. He locked his arms around her, trying to comfort her and they stood that way for a while. They finally decided to head home. She hurried ahead of him, afraid someone might spot them together. He probably sensed her fear and said, “Its Friday, the 13th, you know!” and then looked down and mumbled “What if, something bad happens..”. She turned her head to him and without thinking for a moment replied, “God loves me too much! This is the last time I am meeting you. He can’t be so cruel to me.”. Not a believer of the higher power but he looked at her with a reassuring smile. As they parted at the junction of the two diverging paths, he pulled her in, one last time. He said “Good luck!”. She tried her best to give him the smile that use to lighten up his day once upon a time and said “Thank you!”. They began to walk away from each other and she turned around to look back at him once more, she always did. As she watched him disappear round the corner, she walked home trying to analyse her feelings. She still didn’t understand it because she never thought it would end. What went wrong, you ask? He didn’t have the strength to fight for her. She couldn’t love him fearlessly.

Years later, when she thinks about it, she knows. But its too late. She wanted to stop him that day. She wanted to be with him that day She wanted to stay with him for the rest of her days. She wanted to hold onto that moment a little longer. She wishes she had told him then. Someday, maybe they will figure it out! Maybe, then they would have learnt their flaws and together could be each others’ strength to be happy and complete. 

The Head or The Heart..

Thoughts or feelings..

Thoughts are logical and processed responses to a situation whereas feelings are totally baseless. The mind wants to protect us and wants us to take the logical step. Our intuitions are feelings that just come, no one knows from where.
The mind suggests the carefully laid out plan that has been thought through and doesn’t have many loopholes. Feelings are just intuitions that we believe in and just go with it, which generally make for good stories.

I feel that, since no one knows what actually life holds for us, we should trust our intuitions and go with our feelings more. We can lie to the world and live with that, but we definitely cannot lie to ourselves and live with that. Being true to ourselves can give us so much happiness and can be so liberating that we begin to enjoy every moment we are living, feeling every emotion.
Life is about living and learning from our mistakes. It doesn’t come with an instruction guide. We are our best judge. We know what is right for us and what is not.

No one has life figured out and no one knows how their lives will turn out eventually so all we can do is sit back, be sincere, spend every waking moment doing things that we really like and not having any regrets. 

The Strings of Words Unsaid

We met at the time we didn’t expect

No one told me that in my journey I’d find you

I thought we were like other strangers whose roads were once entwined

Meet up and then part…where letting go was easy

We shared those joyful and wonderful days

Giggling and laughing at little things

Nonsense it may seems to others

But to us it shows how shallow we can be

Tears were shed…it seems so difficult I thought it won’t end,

I was so tired… But with you by my side it felt so light

Comfort is what you offered and there I was to accept it

Those are the days I’ll surely miss

Still hoping that when we cross each others road

We would stop and remember the times we spent together

Happy or sad it may be…I’ll still be thanking you.

Because, You keep saying you don’t feel important enough….

Funny thing..

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Some live in the moment and just leave the rest. Some think and plan and think again to make a secure future. Some just don’t care and aren’t bothered by the worries of tomorrow. Some love. Some hate. Some work. Some travel. Everybody does either what the society asks of them and becomes a part of the elite while some do as they wish and are labelled as ‘Vagabonds’ till they have succeed and proved everyone else wrong. People judge and see what they want to. 

Creativity is a blessing to bring colours in an otherwise dull life. Moments are the only times we are truly alive. Every breath that we take is another second of life that we have gained and lost. Beauty is nature’s way of appreciating the lovely things around us. Love is the feeling we all want to have experienced once in our lives. Happiness is watching a small child laugh and enjoy the little things around him. Sadness is losing someone and knowing that you will never be the same again.

When life is just a big bundle of all these emotions that make you skip a heartbeat and take your breath away then why worry about what people think and what they expect of you..??

Life is a funny thing..

HE preserves what you have and gives you more..

Religion. Faith. Belief. God. Logic. Reason.

Its absolutely difficult to find a scientific reason or mathematical formula that can put all these words into one equation that fits and makes sense. But then, if everything made sense and we already knew the result of every decision we took, wouldn’t life be absolutely boring and predictable?

In the Age of Rhyme and Reason, religion doesn’t make sense with all the customs and traditions. Like, someone once told me that “religion was the foundation for fights” and our generation having seen some of the worst communal riots in the history, it is very much possible to think that if God exists how can he let so many innocent and helpless people die and cause such devastation. But we forget that all these are actions of man which are not directed by God or anything of that sort. It is man, acting out on his own and out of his own insecurities.

With Atheism being more of a fad among the younger generation than actually knowing the basis for that belief, people think that there is no higher being. But in reality, its just a different way of trying to reach out to that higher being. An Atheist holds himself responsible for his success and failures. He works hard to achieve what he believes in and live according to his own principles. A person of faith expresses his gratitude for his success and failures to a higher being due to humility. He works for it but at the same time he is humbled by the grace of his Lord.

We all have a conscience that guides us. The soul is non perishable and permanent while the human body undergoes change from birth till death. The soul is a source of the Almighty and we all search for God in our own way. But there is no reason to believe in the non-existence of a higher power. Religion is only a way of life. It is not God. If people follow religious customs and traditions, its because of the love and devotion that they have towards God.

God on the other hand, is more personal and everyone has a different way of finding Him. He can not be disrespected. He can not be envied. He can not be offended. He is the source of all being. He will guide you through. He will be watching you. He loves you.

Phrases on Love…

Phrases on Love, Music and Travel to get you through your day..

Simultaneously, this music is very indicative of who you are as an individual, and appreciating and indulging your tastes is part of being authentic.

Music can validate our feelings, sit through them with us, and help us feel the things we want to, and should feel, and help us heal.

The possibility of reinventing and innovating add infinitum, finding new happiness each time.

Travel is the best and fastest way to learn more about yourself.

Great stories are shared with us to encourage us to tell our own.

Keep searching for amazing people in this world because there are so many out there.

Love radically.

Love is the translation of chaos into beauty, and we try to find others who write it in our language.

You only have one heart and life to give, so give them to save them; give them where they’ll become what they’re suppose to be. And don’t waste your time giving up.

I want to believe love lasts through countless lifetimes, and it’s our job to find each other every new beginning.

Learning a little bit more every day about what real love is. And half the battle is saying no to impostors so the real thing can win.

-Taken from

Because, They Say.. The Best Love is Insane!

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away.. there lived a beautiful princess cursed by something awful as a result  of which, she was either stuck with a witch for a mother, in deep slumber or had ugly step-sisters who were extensively jealous and always stole her thunder away. Then a series of events happen which lead the handsome and charming knight in the shinning armour to come by on a white horse and rescue the lovely damsel in distress. They get married and live happily ever after.

This is every girls’ dream ever since she has learnt and understood the meaning of ‘Love’.We all have that one person who we have met and in their own way changed us for the best and left a mark on our hearts.

They make you believe that not everyone is the same. They believe in you when you have given up all hope. They stay with you and make you feel beautiful and love you for who you are. They want to save you from all the big bad things out there and they dont want anything to hurt you. They make you smile on your worst days. They understand you even when you dont say anything. They become a part of your life and you cant imagine life without them.

But then like how all good things come to an end, reality sets in and they have to go away. Its hard at first. Very hard! You feel like something just hit you and you crashed and burned so hard, nothing in this world can fix you. Everyone gives tones of advises and tells you that they have ‘been there and done that’. Everyone pretends to understand how you feel and maybe they do but that doesn’t make the pain go away. Then, eventually you decide to do what’s best for you.

It only hurts because they resemble your dream of someone who takes you to your happy place and you wish for it to be them. But, just because it didnt all work out the way you wanted it to, doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. It just means, it wasnt your time yet. Every love has a right time and place. Just wait for the right moment.